Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rockbridge Trip 2-12-2011 Dan & Rocky

Rocky and I made it to Rockbridge last weekend.  We fished a full day Sunday and a half day Monday.  You could say it was a comedy of errors as Rocky forgot the fly rod he wanted to use, I forgot to bring socks, and we both managed to take a dip in the river.  But when we focused on the fishing we managed to do well.  I had been there only once before.  This time the river was much lower and gin clear.  Fishing probably would have been fairly difficult the first day, but a good wind came up and put a little chop on the water.  Many fish were caught and the large majority were of very good size.  There was no one dominate fly.  Most were caught on bedspread jigs, woolie buggars, prince nymphs and globalls.  A few were caught on midges and scuds.

On the second day fishing was much tougher but we managed to land a few.  The warm weather brought out a few more fishermen than on my previous trip, but if we fished an area we would have it to ourselves.  Here are a few pictures.

Dan Z.

Dan with a nice trout

Rocky in front of the old Mill

Rockbridge Trout

Rocky with a fat trout