Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bennett Trip Report by Rocky 1-14-11

Al Joly and I took a two day fishing trip to Bennett Springs this weekend.  The fishing and weather were great.  Both days the sun was shinning and the highs  were around 40 degrees. By Saturday afternoon almost all of the snow had melted.  We fished the Spring, Island, below Holland Dam and below the Dam and Bridge.   Friday morning we started at the Spring and caught several trout using san juan worms, bedspreads, and black zebra midges.  Friday after lunch we fished the Island.  There was a good hatch and we caught several fish using white duns sizes 18 and 20.  Both Al and I had trouble with the moss.  I think the river may have been a little lower than normal.  Friday night we had dinner at Madison Grill in Lebanon.  I had a filet and Al had the t-bone.  Dinner was excellent.  Saturday morning we fished the Spring.  The fishing was a little bit slower than Friday.  Saturday afternoon we fished the Island and there was another good hatch.  We managed to catch several fish using small duns.    Late Saturday afternoon we fished below the Bridge near the third hatchery outlet (new outlet for the new hatchery).  Al hooked a trout that jumped and snapped his leader.  He described it as the size of a football.  it sounded like a brick when it hit the water.  He was using a small red san juan worn.   About 10 minutes later another fisherman came by and told us he missed a big female in the same spot that Al was fishing.  For the remainder of the afternoon I fished about 30 yards below the third outlet and caught several trout using bedspreads.   

Rocky Stewart