Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black Swan Lake 6/24/2011

I really enjoyed Friday morning, 6/24/2011, at my friend's private lake, and what a gorgeous day! It was perfect weather for fishing or really anything. I used my kickboat and Ray used his float tube. The water was pretty murky and thought it might be tough fishing but ended up being another great day for little poppers. We caught a large number of fish; the usual fare of blue gill, green sunfish, and largemouth bass. We also used woolleys, grasshoppers, and a unique fly that Ray tied up with deer hair which worked really well too.

Ray in his float tube

My kick boat

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lake of the Forest HOAFF outing 6-18-2011

It was a great Saturday morning for fishing with perfect weather and friends. The club outing was a lot of fun and most of the group had kickboats / float tubes. The fish really cooperated too. Everyone was catching loads of fish. Many good sized blue gill and sunfish as well as quite a few largemouth. My biggest bass was about 14 inches and a fat one. I heard someone caught a 21 inch largemouth but didn't see it. The water was very murky, and so I thought poppers wouldn't work. After catching just a couple with a Jacomo, I switched to a small white popper and used it the rest of the time. Probably caught 60 - 70 fish or so and missed a lot. We had a nice lunch on the shore and then split up.

Lake of the Forest



Jim & Son



My kick boat

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fly Fishing Lessons 6-11-2011

I enjoyed giving some beginning fly fishing lessons to 5 of my clients and friends out at Shawnee Mission Park Lake Saturday, June 11th. It's always fun to see someone who is truly curious and interested in checking things out. What a beautiful day it was too!


I had to throw this Grandson picture in !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bennett Spring 6-08-2011

1 night Bennett trip by Jim and Ray, June 6 - 7:

Water was still up a little and really swift, crossing stream below bridge was real iffy.  Color of water was good a green tint.  Ray tried everything and had some hits but was a struggle.  Fishing was slow however glo balls produced better than anything.  Tried bedspreads but no luck.
New hatchery is almost completed.  No top water action, however it was the 15 year return of cicadas (large brown ones)  they were making quite a racket, when one would land in water it sounded like a chain saw.  I didn't see any trout taking them.  Fished the island and across from gage house.  Had a number of hits just above gage house about 10' from  bank, missed most of them.   It was good to get away even if only for a one night trip. It got fairly hot in the afternoons, but a nice breeze made it quite pleasant. Brought some trout back to grill outside, they were really tasty!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gardner Pond Fishing 6-09-2011

I enjoyed a couple hours of fly fishing out at a private pond in Gardner. The pond was pretty murky and fishing was tough, but managed to land a couple of blue gill and couple of largemouth. The last catch was a VERY nice largemout at about 19 inches and pretty fat. Gave a good fight. Caught all the fish on a Jacomo fly (tied by Ray). No luck on poppers. Great weather too.