Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bennett Spring Trip 10-28-2010

Ray and Terry had another short but great trip down to Bennett Spring, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Weather was great, although Friday morning at 24 degrees did separate the men from the boys (er, I mean crazy from the not-so-crazy). There was a hard freeze overnight. I could only take about 30 minutes before needing to warm up (showing my age). And the rod eyelets freezing up made casting a bit of a challenge. You know it's cold outside when the 50 degree water feels warm to the hands. Neither of us caught any big lunkers, but we both caught a decent number of fish. Best flies were soft hackle, dries (mayfly & caddis), zebra midge, and good old bedspread, glo ball, and even pink jig. It was interesting to watch the new hatchery facility going up as we were there (see pictures). We stayed at Sand Spring Resort.

CCC bridge

Can you stand to fish??

Gauge House

New Hatchery Building

Building more hatchery "runs"

Now that's a cast!

Watch your step!

Bennett Spring

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Terry R.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gardner Lake fishing

After showing some houses late Friday in South Olathe, I stopped by Gardner lake and fished the dam area for about an hour. The weather was actually pretty nice, and a small breeze and interesting clouds. Water was a little dark but wasn't really too gunky there. I caught about 15 small blue gill, biggest being around 8 inches long, all on a prince nymph. A very enjoyable time. Only saw 2 other fisherman.Towards the end, I heard loud drumming in the distance, which I assume was preamble to the big nationally televised high school football game between Gardner and Aquinas.
Terry R.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trout Stocking Shawnee Mission Park

The fall stocking of trout by Johnson County is happening Wednesday, October 27th, at 3:45 at the Shawnee Mission Park boat ramp. Fishing will be closed and then reopen on Saturday, October 30th at 5:00 a.m. They will also be stocking Heritage Park on October 27th at 2:30.
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Terry R.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lake Lenexa

I fished Lake Lenexa last evening. I caught three small ones (2 bluegill one largemouth) all on a popper. The water was a dark almost black color but pretty clear. There were a lot of bait fish on the surface of the water but I didn't see any bass chasing them. Pleasant evening on the lake and nice to see the leaves changing. Lots of people were in the park and about a dozen people fishing from shore and a few in boats.

Kyle N.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fly fish Bennett?

Anyone want to fly fish at Bennett Spring before the season closes?

Terry R.

HOAFF Club Meeting

Don't forget the Heart Of America Fly Fishers (HOAFF) meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00 (see for details). Terry R.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fly order

I received some flies I ordered over the internet today from Blue Fly Cafe that looked pretty decent. Check them out at .

Cedar Lake

Ran by Cedar Lake in Olathe today for a few minutes. Great weather and pretty quiet. Water was murky. Fished for a while with poppers and prince nymph. Only one bump on prince.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mountain Home Report by Dan Z.

GUEST TRIP REPORT BY Dan Zimmerman of 8/26/2010 Mountain Home Arkansas.

Bevan, Terry and I fished the tailwaters last week Thursday through Saturday.  The weather was great and the fishing even better.  We kept our eye on the generation projection report and was pretty much able to fish as much as we wanted.  On Thursday afternoon we fished Wildcat Shoals on the White and nearly had the place to ourselves.  Fishing was outstanding.  Most fish were caught with scud patterns and globalls and I believe Terry also caught some with his trusty bedspread pattern.

On Friday we had a full day to work with.  We found an outfitter that will put canoes on the Norfork tailwater.  With a lot of persuasion we were able to get a reluctant Bevan to go along with a float trip,  Terry and Bevan took a canoe and I took a kayak.  There was a mix of riffles and slow water.  We got out to fish the riffles and fished a lot of the slow water from the boats.  Fishing was excellent again.  Most fish were caught on scuds with  some caught on glo-balls.  It was great to fish at McClellens for the first time since they closed the access. Terry and I landed some real nice cutthroats in addition to the rainbows.  At the end of the float Bevan and Terry  caught quite a few browns on the last section of the river.  We all agreed it was a great adventure and any of us would jump at the chance to do it again.  If any of you think about doing a float on Norfork I think any of us could give some helpful information on how to go about it.

On the last day we got up early to go to Taneycomo so we ended up fishing three tailwaters in three days.  Fishing was a little slower (especially for me) but still very good.  We used scuds, globalls, bedspreads, woolies and and midges.  I was near Terry when he hooked a big fish and we spent quite a long time trying to land it with Terry trying to wear it out while I tried several time to net it.  The net was too small which made things more difficult.  We finally got it subdued.  It was about a 21 inch rainbow caught on a 22 midge with 6x tippet.  Quite a feat!  We did get pictures.  Hopefully they will turn out.  It took a very long time to revive the fish , but Terry finally did.

Now is a really excellent time on the tailwaters.  Get out there if you can.


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Dan & Terry

Fly Fishing Montauk State Park 10/07/2010

Well, I’ll have to say we had another great fly fishing trip this weekend down to Montauk State Park. Jim and I stayed in a park Motel unit, which was nothing special but was sure convenient. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the foliage was starting to change as well. I did a fair amount of hiking and took some pictures. We met about 6 other members of our fly club, who were all down for a scheduled club outing. I wouldn’t say we slayed them but we caught quite a few fish. We both brought some home. We heard many fisherman complain of how slow it was. It wasn’t really too crowded until our last day on Saturday. Many flies did well, including the old Glo ball, wooley bugger, dries/surface flies, bead spread, sow bug, prince nymph, and even zebra midge. We had enough fun in the park that we didn’t go to the river. I even fished the bait area some (you can also fly fish there) and caught a few when it wasn’t crowded. I had an unusual coincidence happen when I was catching fish by myself in the catch-n-release pond when a high school buddy happened along that I hadn’t seen in a long time – and guess what, he’s a  professional photographer, Mark Raynes. He took a number of shots and I think some of them will come out with me casting.

Catch & Release pond


Old Mill

Terry & Jim

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