Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kill Creek Lake 8-24-2012

Tried out Kill Creek Lake again Friday morning and the weather wasn't too bad. First hour of fishing was very slow; only caught 1 sunfish using a black Woolly. Decided to switch to topwater and had better luck (different poppers). Caught about a half dozen largemouth up to 12 inches and some pretty decent blue gill and sunfish (8 - 9 inches). Had some very good luck on the south side where you can now walk about 20 feet in front of the cattails due to the dry conditions. The lake was down a lot but water temperature wasn't bad and water fairly clear. Saw about half dozen other fisherman.


Overflow Drain looked lonely

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Black Swan Lake 8-17-2012

My friend Charlie and I enjoyed a morning of fishing Friday with tremendous weather. We used our kick boats and caught quite a few fish (I used Ray's Water Otter). Typical largemouth, blue gill and sunfish, maybe a little smaller than sometimes but not bad. I fished mostly shore and only used my black woolley since it worked so well. Charlie fished the east side of the lake and I think used mostly topwater. The lake was down what appeared to be 1 - 2 feet and was very murky for some reason. A great time overall.