Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bennett Spring 9-13-2012

We had a nice but short trip down to Bennett Spring this week. The temperature coldn't have been any better. Friday it did sprinkle all day, but that didn't stop the fishing. It was a little crowded at times but quite often it thinned out and we had plenty of room. I was down there with Ray and Ron, along with a new fly fishing friend, Charlie. We stayed over at Sand Spring Resort as usual. Fishing was a little slower than some trips but we caught a number of fish, all rainbow trout. Nothing of any special size, but a few were very colorful. The main flies that we used were wolleys and crackle backs, with a few others thrown in. We fished mostly above the whistle bridge and below the CCC bridge. Also a little up by the spring, island, and gage house. Here are a few pictures.


(also see more pictures at:

Used Sara's underwater camera - cool!