Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bumming Around James A. Reed 3-25-2011

Ray and I checked out James A. Reed lakes today out in Lee's Summit, a very nice park with many lakes. We didn't fish any, just bummed around checking it out. There were a few folks out fishing and catching some catfish and trout. I got up the fever to go back there when it warms up a little and fish the shores. It was interesting to find out that they're planning to shut down the existing visitor center and move to that new building a little north on the road. It was delayed opening but should open this summer. This building is also going to be the new headquarters, moving out of the Blue Springs facility. So the new entrance will move over next to the new building soon. I managed to drop my phone without realizing it while walking down to the water and later came back and retrieved it (luckily!). Here are a couple of photos.



New Entrance / Visitor Center and Headquarters

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bennett Trout Opener 3/01/2011

Bill and I had a great trip down to Bennett Spring March 1st for the Missouri Trout season opener, 2011. It was pretty cool in the mornings (in the 20's) but made it up to the 60's in the afternoons. The stream was running high and muddy, making the fishing a little tougher (and no sight fishing). That area had gotten quite a bit of rain recently. Water was coming over the low water bridge by the spring. We watched the flurry of activity when a couple of long-time attendees along with Gov. Nixon sounded the whistle at 6:30 a.m. Bill and I started our fishing around 11:00 a.m. after it thinned out a little and got skunked for a couple of hours. After lunch, we headed back out and had better luck. The next morning wasn't nearly as crowded and we both caught a few at the whistle over by the Island. I decided to keep 3 fish to take home. Most of the flies we used didn't fair too well, and about the only success seemed to be on glo balls and bedspreads. The usual Liberty fly tiers were down there along with Mike Rueck. They added a new boot cleaning station to reduce spread of Didymo (rock snot, see picture). We ate pretty good while down there, including breakfast at the park church and a good meal at Madison Grill in downtown Lebanon. The number of tags sold on Tuesday (the opening day) was lower than usual at 1717. I heard there was around 5,000 fisherman at all of the trout parks combined. They released 6,000 fish for the Bennett opener and 3,000 the next day. We stayed at my usual cabin there in the park. We both enjoyed the trip a lot.

A couple of pictures are included below, or to see all of them, click on:

Also, check out the amateur video I made at:

The Dam at the 6:30 whistle

CCC Bridge at the whistle

Nice Brown Trout

Gage House & Shelter

New Didymo (rock snot) cleaning station

New Hatchery Station for later this year

The spring

Terry & Bill having fun