Monday, May 30, 2011

Fish Lake Lenexa 5-30-2011

Enjoyed this  morning out at Lake Lenexa by myself on a nice warm but windy Monday morning. Didn't have any luck on the main lake; casting was difficult. Only a few bumps on a woolly. Went down below the dam with same results on Jacomo and Woolly. After bass attached my little indicator at one time, I switched to a popper and caught quite a few blue Gill and a few largemouth. Biggest was about 10 - 11 inches, under a pound. Also tried the small stream below that area and caught quite a few small sunfish. Especially enjoyed the little run-off area below the wetlands.

New Shelter going up

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bennett Spring Washout 5-18-2011

Well, this wasn't one of our best trips to Bennett Spring but it was good to get away. Jim, Ray, and I went down Wednesday morning and were optimistic, as the water levels were almost down to normal and pretty good color was returning to the water. However fishing Wednesday afternoon seemed really tough, and we only caught a few fish. The weather was pretty decent. Then when we woke up early Thursday, the storm came in quicker than they thought and it was heavy rain starting around 5:00 in the morning. It let up around 7:15 so Jim and I fished for a while, with still conditions and the fish were biting pretty good (although small rainbows, probably stockers). The lower part of the part stream was fairly muddy but up by the island was only about 20% milkier and not bad, so we fished there. After about 20 minutes, that nasty lightning started getting closer and we high tailed it to the car. When we got back to the room, it started coming down very hard, and even a little bit of hail. They were now predicting rain all day, so we packed it in.I suppose the best flies we used were a dry mayfly, black woolly, soft hackle, bedspread, and of course Jim's ole Glo Balls. Check out a couple of pictures outside our room at Sand Spring Resort (where we had room 51 on the south side of the house). There was a stream between our room and the car, and even saw a board float by!. On the ride home the first 45 minutes, we saw all the creeks flooding. Just what they needed down there after all their recent high water!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kill Creek 5-06-2011

Ray and I checked out Kill Creek Friday, 5/06/2011 in the morning. The weather was nice, although a little windy. The water was still a little cool. I think we caught about 4 blue gill and 4 largemouth, largest being about 11 inches or so by Ray. Mostly fished the south shore. Only fly that worked was a woolly bugger.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

James A. Reed morning fishing 4/29/11

Five of us fished James A. Reed Wildlife area in Lee's Summit Friday, April 29th - Ray, Jim, Kyle, Al Bauer and myself.  (Al fished his first fly rod for the first time!). We fished 3 lakes - Bluestem & Nell which were very muddy and Gopher which was a little clearer. The water temperature was still in the 50's so the fish weren't too active. We caught around 15 - 20 fish or so, being small blue gill, black crappie, and a small bass. Best flies were woolly buggers and similar weighted flies mostly on the bottom. All the fishing was from shorelines. We ended up eating lunch there on what ended up being a windy day. They have now opened the new entrance to the north of the old entrance, and will open the new building / headquarters in a few more weeks. We're guessing they'll be some decent fishing when it warms up a little.


Kyle & Crappie