Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Lenexa Club Fishing 7/16/2011

This was an informal Heart of America Fly Fishers outing at Lake Lenexa. There were only 3 of us out there that I saw. Ray and I fished from shore for a while and Ron Merl fished from a kick boat. It was awful hot and there was a lot of moss etc making it hard to fish from shore. I managed to do decent over at the inlet to the lake and caught about 4 Largemouth and half a dozen blue gill on a Jacomo. Ron managed to catch some across the lake from the ramp. We didn’t stay very late with that heat bearing down fast. Here are some pictures.


Largemouth 13"

Lake Inlet area




Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pond Flop 7-15-2011

Ray and I tried fishing a couple of ponds today without any luck. One was over by Holmes and 435 and the one near his house. Both were very muddy and it was also very hot. Anyway, it was still a fun morning.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bennett Spring 7/06/2011

Report from Jim:

Ray and I just got back from a overnite trip to Bennetts.  We arrived about noon on Weds. ate our box lunches and proceeded to fish.  There were more people fishing than our last trip a month ago.  The stream was almost in perfect condition, the cfs flow was still a fairly swift 190.  Well above the 45 year averg.  The island again produced trout mainly on the peach glow ball.  We broke to go back to room about 3:oopm had a cold one and then hit it ,again this time below the bridge, Ray hit pay dirt in the swift water using green soft hackles.  He landed a nice brown and several rainbows, this without any net which he left in the car.  I managed to pick up several rainbows using #16 black caddis below the bridge, the caddis was hovering over the water but not landing.

Today fishing was really hot on the island on the glow ball, a storm came up and washed us out around nine, Ray had several on soft hackle below bridge.  All in all a good trip.  I got the grill fired up tonight to grill two nice tasty trout.