Saturday, November 20, 2010

James A. Reed trout report by Jim

Made a quick trip up to James A Reed for trout fishing.  I was coming down with a cold so I did not stay but 2 hours.  There were other fishermen there all were using bait but me and one other guy.  Weather was a little cold but bearable.  I started off by using a glow ball but no takers.  I then put on a gray scud with an indicator of which I have caught them there before.  I managed to catch 2 rainbows, 5 bluegill and 1 crappie.  I caught then on the brushy side of the pond. 
Jim B.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Winter Fishing in KC

QUESTION:  Where is the best fly fishing during the cold months in the Kansas City area?? Either comment on here or email me your response. As an example, Jim and Ray indicated that they will be stocking the trout pond at James A. Reed this Saturday.
Terry R.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bennett Winter Opener

Three of us had an enjoyable trip down to Bennett Spring this weekend (Rocky, Ray, and Terry). The weather was pretty good on Friday, in the 50's in the morning and 60's in the afternoon. There were a few times we caught a few sprinkles. There was no crowd at the whistle although it got more crowded during the day. The Ozark Fly Fishers from St. Louis had taken over the Sand Spring motel as it was their winter outing. Anyway, the fishing was good and we all caught a lot of fish. It was particularly good on Friday morning. Everyone seemed to notice a lot of small fish, along with a good mix of sizes and colors. The best flies seemed to be the black midge, bed spread, glo ball, crackle backs, and also a few dries by Rocky. Saturday's weather was a little cooler at about 40 with some wind chill. This trip we noticed they continued to work on the new hatchery stuff, as they were pouring concrete for the 2 runs that will go under the new building. It is supposed to be a more efficient operation. While down there, we ran into Mike Rueck as well as a couple of other nice fisherman. I spoke quite a while with Rick from the Northland fly fishing club. He tends to fish the same spots we do. I got a couple of photos of a guy who caught a very nice brown at the main outlet hole. Here are a couple of shots from the trip.

Fish On

Another One

Nice Brown Trout by fellow fisherman

Laying new concrete hatchery run

The actual spring at Sand Spring

Niangua River at Sand Spring

Now there's a happy group

Rocky & Ray

To view all the photos, go to:
and select "Slide Show" at the top right.

Terry R.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HOAFF Auction & James A. Reed

A reminder that the HOAFF club auction is this coming Monday night at the regular 79th and Mission location. See for more details.

Also, Ray mentioned that they will be stocking trout at James A. Reed in late November. The stocking hot line is 816-655-6255.

Terry R.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shawnee Mis. Park stop 11/02/2010 by Ray

Went to shawnee mission park for awhile today. I couldn't find the trout, but I did catch a few small bass.

Ray Z.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taneycomo Trip by Jim B. 10/31/2010

Good news and bad news!  My trip to Taney Sunday was brought about by the Southwest Power Association webb site for genernation releases at Table Rock Dam.  The forecasts in the past have been very reliable and many good trips resulted from this information.  The site forecasted no generation for Sunday, this happens very rarely at Taney Therefore Satan temptempted me to run down early Sunday morning.  Visions of lunker brown trout in the C&R area danced in my head.  I left town about 6:30am Sunday, got down there and in the stream by 10:30.  No water was running and there were few fishermen around.  I walked in at the rocking chair hole, no strikes for 10 minutes, so I moved down a little and really got into them.  Yes the peach glow ball was working its magic.  They were very good size with the largest going 16 inches, with good coloring.  This went on till around noon, when I heard a sound that sent schivers down my spine, surely it was a mistake and that could not be the siren? 

I had been fooled by the generation report after only fishing for 1-1/2 hours.  I was still catching fish as the water was cutting off my escape route.  I drove around to the outlet looked around and heard that they planed on running water till 8:00pm.  I did not want to chance it another day of high water, so I packed up my rods and headed home.  But it was a great short time at Taney!

Jim B.