Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kill Creek 7-07-13

I ran over to Kill Creek Lake this morning. Overcast and decent temperature at first; then sunny and a little hot. Didn't do too good with Woolleys (although one 16 inch largemouth). Switched to poppers and caught a fair number of smaller fish. Not very crowded. Had a good time. On the way, home, stopped by Mize Lake. Caught about a dozen fish there but all small (5 inch or less) sunfish.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bennett Winter Outing

Here's a link to my HOAFF club winter outing trip report, which I posted on my general blog. It's at:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ozark Fishing Trip

I thought I'd post a crossover link to my Ozark fly fishing trip, which I posted on my general blog. It's at:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mildale Farm Fall Fest & Fly Fishing

We had a very enjoyable morning down that the Mildale Farm Fall Fest event. This is one of only two times a year they open the park to the public. And we can fish all the ponds (of which I fished 6 today). I went out with Ron and Bill, and we caught quite a few fish (not near as many as in the Spring time though). It was chilly at 32 degrees! Here are a couple of pictures below, or to view all the pictures, click here:

Event info:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bennett Spring 9-13-2012

We had a nice but short trip down to Bennett Spring this week. The temperature coldn't have been any better. Friday it did sprinkle all day, but that didn't stop the fishing. It was a little crowded at times but quite often it thinned out and we had plenty of room. I was down there with Ray and Ron, along with a new fly fishing friend, Charlie. We stayed over at Sand Spring Resort as usual. Fishing was a little slower than some trips but we caught a number of fish, all rainbow trout. Nothing of any special size, but a few were very colorful. The main flies that we used were wolleys and crackle backs, with a few others thrown in. We fished mostly above the whistle bridge and below the CCC bridge. Also a little up by the spring, island, and gage house. Here are a few pictures.


(also see more pictures at:

Used Sara's underwater camera - cool!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kill Creek Lake 8-24-2012

Tried out Kill Creek Lake again Friday morning and the weather wasn't too bad. First hour of fishing was very slow; only caught 1 sunfish using a black Woolly. Decided to switch to topwater and had better luck (different poppers). Caught about a half dozen largemouth up to 12 inches and some pretty decent blue gill and sunfish (8 - 9 inches). Had some very good luck on the south side where you can now walk about 20 feet in front of the cattails due to the dry conditions. The lake was down a lot but water temperature wasn't bad and water fairly clear. Saw about half dozen other fisherman.


Overflow Drain looked lonely

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Black Swan Lake 8-17-2012

My friend Charlie and I enjoyed a morning of fishing Friday with tremendous weather. We used our kick boats and caught quite a few fish (I used Ray's Water Otter). Typical largemouth, blue gill and sunfish, maybe a little smaller than sometimes but not bad. I fished mostly shore and only used my black woolley since it worked so well. Charlie fished the east side of the lake and I think used mostly topwater. The lake was down what appeared to be 1 - 2 feet and was very murky for some reason. A great time overall.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lake Lenexa Kickboat 7-22-2012

Enjoyed several hours on Lake Lenexa this morning on Ray's Water Otter kick boat. It's a perfect boat for that sized lake, being lightweight but oars to move around quickly. I fished mostly the south bank, much of the time in the shade and perfect temperature. Later in the sun it started getting a little hot. I caught a ton of blue gill and sunfish, and only landed one Largemouth Bass. My small white popper seemed to be the most productive, but also caught a few on a Woolley and even my Chernobyl Ant. This particular white popper has caught hundreds of fish, but as you can see by the picture, is finally getting chewed up enough I'll probably have to ditch it (this size is small enough for the bigger blue gill to swallow and sometimes hard to get out). As the day warmed up, the fishing seemed to slow down, but it was a great day. I happened to run into Zack and his dad fishing by the dam today, where I had helped him fish Friday to get his Scouting badge. Here are a few photos:



Beat up popper

Blue gill

Largemouth Bass

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roaring River Family Re-Union 6-29-2012

Our trip last weekend down to Roaring River State Park in the Missouri Ozarks was a family re-union, but I was also able to get in a little fishing while I was there. It was pretty hot, but the humidity was down as well as a lot of shade and cool stream, so it really wasn't too bad. We enjoyed a lot of family and game time as well as catching up with everyone. The spring and stream were very low as it has really been dry down there. That really affected the fishing, as there weren't many deep pools. Even the catch and release area so low it was hard to fish. So I fished mostly dry flies, and probably caught about a dozen trout during three stints of about an hour each. The Chernobyl Ant was my favorite, as it always stirred up activity and occasionally caught a trout off guard. I also fished a bed spread part time and caught several on that. I especially enjoyed being able to have my wife and parents watch me fish, as they don't often get that opportunity. We stayed in those duplex cabins with the door in between, which was really convenient. And we had a couple of cute rug rats down this year, which made it even more fun. One night we got to laughing so hard, we were hurting. Also, on the way back, we drove through Joplin for the first time since the storm. Still a lot of damage visible, and lots of new stuff. Also, gas prices down there were below $3. Here are some pictures.

 The Spring Pool leading to the spring 

The Spring

The hatchery

Fishing Time

Rainbow Trout

Family Time