Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lake Lenexa Kickboat 7-22-2012

Enjoyed several hours on Lake Lenexa this morning on Ray's Water Otter kick boat. It's a perfect boat for that sized lake, being lightweight but oars to move around quickly. I fished mostly the south bank, much of the time in the shade and perfect temperature. Later in the sun it started getting a little hot. I caught a ton of blue gill and sunfish, and only landed one Largemouth Bass. My small white popper seemed to be the most productive, but also caught a few on a Woolley and even my Chernobyl Ant. This particular white popper has caught hundreds of fish, but as you can see by the picture, is finally getting chewed up enough I'll probably have to ditch it (this size is small enough for the bigger blue gill to swallow and sometimes hard to get out). As the day warmed up, the fishing seemed to slow down, but it was a great day. I happened to run into Zack and his dad fishing by the dam today, where I had helped him fish Friday to get his Scouting badge. Here are a few photos:



Beat up popper

Blue gill

Largemouth Bass

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