Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bennett Spring Banquet/Winter Outing 12/03/2011

We sure enjoyed another fly fishing trip last weekend (Fri - Sun). This was our club's yearly winter outing and banquet, sponsored by our Heart Of America Fly Fishers (HOAFF), at Bennett Spring State Park. It turns out that the weather was pretty decent, even hitting mid 50's on Saturday. Only caught a couple hours of spinkles the whole weekend at the end of Saturday. And the fish were cooperating very well, certainly better than average. Our group consisted of  myself, my friend Bill, Kyle, Rocky, and his friend Al. We stayed at Sand Spring Resort just north of the park. The best flies for us seemed to be the Woolly (black and olive), soft hackle, caddis dry, chernobyl ant, midges, glo balls, and Scud. None of us caught any monsters, as many were stocker size and a few decent in the 12 - 16 inch range. We enjoyed a nice lunch consisting mainly of chili and hot dogs, which really hit the spot, and then the annual banquet down at Ollie's. There was a raffle for a 5 weight rod that went to Bill Brant.Overall, the park wasn't very crowded so we got to fish mostly where we wanted in the park.The most productive locations for us were both sides of the Whistle Bridge and the Island. The winer season is all catch-and-release.

Here are a few pictures below, or for the complete album, go to:


Kyle & Rocky


Whistle Bridge






Rainbow Trout

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rocky's Retirement 2011

I'm both sad and happy to report one of our own fly fishing buddies is about to retire and move out of town - It's Rocky. We're very happy to wish him the best in retirement but sad to see him be so far away. They had a party for him at work at Simplex Grinell where he had been for 39 years. Here are a couple of pictures of that along with one of his past fishing trips. He says to keep him on the email list as he plans to come back some and maybe we'll be able to make a trip out to Charlotte sometime to visit him.  GOOD LUCK, ROCKY!!!


Ooops, had to throw this one in!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shawnee Lake

I tried my kick  boat out this last week in a private Shawnee lake. Boy, the water was cold on my bare legs! The fish weren't very active. Only caught 3 little blue gill. But it was still fun and great scenery. Even forgot my camera so no pictures either.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hidden Woods 10-21-2011

I decided to try out a small and little known Lenexa Park called Hidden Woods today on my way back from an appointment. It's a nice little park with a fair sized area left wild, stuck in the middle of town. I didn't have much luck fishing. I found one spot that had a lot of pretty small blue gill, and pulled in quite a few on a Jacomo and a popper. It was a great day to be outside enjoying nature.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mize Lake 10-18-2011

I decided to run out to Mize Lake Tuesday afternoon when I had a few hours. It was pretty cold and wanted to see if the fish were active. The blue gill and sunfish were pretty active; caught a number of small ones (up to 8 inches). I also tried the little pool above the lake. I saw a black bass chasing a little blue gill  I caught so I tried for him and brought in a 10" largemouth. It was a lot of fun but boy was it cold. Here's a few pictures.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring River 9-21-2011

Jim and I had a great 3 day fly fishing trip down to the Spring River in Arkansas, which is by the town of Mammoth Spring, just south of the Missouri border on highway 63. We stayed at the Riverview Motel in town, and fished the river at a couple of the campgrounds. It was beautiful weather for the most part, although it sprinkled several times on Friday, enough we put on our rain jackets. We caught tons of fish, easily beating the century mark together on Friday (our full day of fishing). On the last day, Friday, we drove back hoping to catch Taneycomo not running heavy water but that was not meant to be. So instead we stopped up an Bennett Spring and fished several hours there. We caught a number of fish and decided to bring a couple home as well.  September is a great time to be down on the Spring River, as the canoe hatch is non-existent (especially during the week) and more privacy. For most of the time there, it was only Jim and I within eye-sight of anyone. And the terrain was spectacular.

Here are a few pictures below, as well as the complete album at this link:

Spring River Arkansas

Pretty waterfall

Lassiter Access from our Motel


Jim's 18 Inch Brown
Liberty gang at Bennett on our way back

Your's truly on the Spring River

Technical report: We started off fishing at the usual place Wednesday afternoon. The fishing was only so-so. The fish we caught were pretty small rainbows. I had decent luck with fishing a black Woolly Bugger below the riffles and Jim with his Glo Balls. As the water was down a little more than normal, it was easy to walk up above and fish those upper spots. One time we saw 2 fisherman way down stream but no other people. It was a fish here and there but nothing special. That night it got very foggy. The next morning it was off to Riverside to check that area out. We decided to go ahead and walk up to Bayou first. Boy, was that a good decision. It fished the best we have ever seen by far (and again, no one else around). I had very good luck across from the main access point and Jim down by the start and middle of that main run going around the corner. Mine was on a bed spread and zebra midge. Jim mostly on a bed spread. Both of us caught a couple of browns, one of Jim's being about an 18 incher that I got a photo of. After a while we waded down to the campground. Then Jim started slaying them on the slow run above the upper campground rapids, one after the other (in one relatively small spot). He also did great at the same equivalent run above the second set of rapids. I went below the rapids and did pretty well too. After my indicated got swallowed a couple of times, I threw on a Chernobyl Ant, and actually got quite a few strikes. I didn't land too many as the fish were jumping out of the water but not really grabbing the fly for the most part (one of the oddest things I've seen). I tried a number of flies such as a copper john and prince nymph, with only minor success. Nothing at all on a scud or a Jacomo fly. We just kept moving around (as no one else was there) and catching fish in most spots, even right below the rapid fast water. It was so much fun that we simply stayed there all day long (about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), even eating lunch on the stream. Finally about 4:00 p.m. a couple other fishermen showed up but can't complain about that.

The next morning, we debated what to do and decided to go give Taneycomo a try (and it was another very foggy morning). On the way there (since the recording wasn't working), we called the fly shop and they said the water was up a couple feet and would go up more later, so we changed plans. We shot up to Bennett for a few hours of fishing before heading back about 2:00. We ran into Don Grundy and the Liberty guys who were down for the week and enjoyed chatting. Jim Hill was catching a few on a caddis so I put one on and caught several that way, after sight fishing on the island that I like so much. Jim and I both save a couple to bring home. Jim had good luck below the Holland Dam.

The guy at the Riverview Motel (Bill), told us that he thought winter fishing was pretty good on the Spring as the big fish come up out of their holes. And the Riverside campground and public places are available to fish year round, and they also stock year round. Sorry for the long report. Anyone still reading must have that same disease I have (regarding fly fishing that is).


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kill Creek Lake 9-04-2011

Enjoyed a perfect weather Labor Day morning at Kill Creek Lake. The fishing was a little slow but caught about 8 fish or so, some Largemouth and Blue Gill, none very big. I seemed to do best on the Jacomo fly and a few on a popper. The old Woolley Bugger didn't do any good. Ray came out for a while too. By mid morning, the place was pretty crowded as everyone wanted to enjoy the great weather.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bennett Spring 8-29-2011

Bennett Spring Trip - 8/29 & 8/30/2011
I had a very enjoyable 2 day fly fishing trip to Bennett Spring on Monday and Tuesday. Tom from work was going to go but had to stay home at the last minute. I also met my cousin Larry down there, who learned how to do some casting. Anyway, the fishing was average to slow overall, and I didn't see a huge number of fish caught. I probably landed a couple dozen during Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. My first fish as a nice fat fighter of a 16 inch brown trout.The rest were Rainbows of a pretty normal size. The best flies for me were the zebra midge (sometimes as a dropper), adams dry, crackle back (which I rarely fish, but heard others were having some luck with), and black woolley bugger (which worked really well just before the evening whistle above the dam). I ended up bringing a few home. The weather was absolutely perfect! It was cool enough Monday night after cleaning fish in the cold water that I turned on my car heater for a few minutes. I stayed up at Sand Spring overnight. I felt like doing some hiking and also took some extra photos. The wild flowers were really pretty in bloom this time of year.


I included a few photos below, and for the complete slide show, go to:

Up at the Spring

The "Gage House"

Hatchery Trout

Below the Dam

"The Bluff"

"Social Hole"

Many flowers were in bloom

Larry casting practice


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Lenexa Club Fishing 7/16/2011

This was an informal Heart of America Fly Fishers outing at Lake Lenexa. There were only 3 of us out there that I saw. Ray and I fished from shore for a while and Ron Merl fished from a kick boat. It was awful hot and there was a lot of moss etc making it hard to fish from shore. I managed to do decent over at the inlet to the lake and caught about 4 Largemouth and half a dozen blue gill on a Jacomo. Ron managed to catch some across the lake from the ramp. We didn’t stay very late with that heat bearing down fast. Here are some pictures.


Largemouth 13"

Lake Inlet area